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ImgBurn 2.5

ImgBurn 2.5 64bit Torrent

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ImgBurn is an ultra-lightweight program for recording CD / DVD / HD / DVD and Blu-ray burning application that everyone should have in their toolkit.

Video recording is one of the quickest and most effective way to save large amounts of data to DVD or CD, because it allows users untukmuat download large amounts of data in relatively small files. In addition, he is ready to burn a disc or disc.

ImgBurnOn has several ‘Modes’, each of which performs a variety of tasks.It includes reading, who read the disc to an image file; Assembly, which creates an image file from files on computer or network; Writing, writing an image file to disk; And Verify, which checks whether the disc can be read 100%.

With the second option, you can also ensure that the data is correct by asking ImgBurn compare image files. Finally, ImgBurn also includes syabeDiscovery, take a test drive and check the speed of the disk type that you can handle.

Rememberthat if there is a problem with the recording, you can not drive fast enough to handle the settings configured in ImgBurn. Or that you are using the wrong type of disc.

ImgBurn is ringandan powerful image burner that requires little experience but will ensure that all images will be burned in an instant.


Added: Additional information (service name and version of the driver for driving twardegoKontrolerów) Text «Family Tree».

He said: “Supported speedsreading “of the text information on a disc / check in read-only mode.

Added: New entry in the log (if zapiseDVD-RAM / HD DVD-RAM / BD-RE), which shows the current state of “damage control equipment” on the disc. If it is active, the drive is “normal” takes a long time to make a record with automatikproses confirmation after recording.

Added: ability to use the default system language. If a tight fit can not be (in the folder instead of the correct translation files), programsIt tries to overlap.

Added: Ability to perform the functions SmartErase Liteon.

Added: Show «Finance» in «Information Disk” in the text on the right – it is easier to find and always available under the same title.

Added: Ability to move the image / disc the size of the invitation of the newly added “. Overburn / cut”

Added / Changed: During the Q data is read adalahsubrahunakpaspyahovym, the program will try to read the sub data (RAW and move to get Q).

Added/ Changed: The option to turn on “Recording with ImgBurn» in any given project, the development of the default file – previously it is by default.

Changed: When naming semulaHard DLE window pane (on Vista +), this program does not include a file extension from the original text.

change: Renaming items in the Explorer pane windows DLE is also a way of “normal” with a single click on the selected item (and not only by pressing F2).

changed:Lalaisaiz buffer I / O (at least 1 GB of RAM 20 MB, less than 2 GB of RAM 40 MB, the MB = 80)

Changed: If the disc is unreadable sector in block mode read / write errors praverkiTsyaper program, painted before they przeczytaniaPo one (as the original was not informed of the error message).

changed: restored using original mailbox / key questions pairing mode Burns / Discovery.

Updated: divide the read video DVD HD DVD BD various file / / to getvolume label of their own choice, and not everyone uses a single pass in the DVD-Video.

Changed: baikkod to generate recommendations for the total volume on the DVD / HD DVD / BD.

Changed / Fixed: When you create a file system including CCD image, Pregap sector will be changed / added to the sector “index 0” and attached to IMG files.

Changed / Fixed: bypass the problem loop terhinggaSesetengah virtual disk caused incorrect information to display «READ SUB CHANNEL” command.

change/ Fixed: autouroader option “Auto Break On Error» does not apply to the reading mode.

Changed / Fixed: workaround for driving the gods (LG), in response to instructions tertentumengembalikan “invalid field in CDB format” instead of “Invalidspis parameter field”.

Fixed: Method overflow Default always go back to “overburn”.

Fix: create MDS files when it should not.

Fixed: Changing the number of copies required for the image (in the entry line window) for the timeIt burned, it does not update the value in the progress window.

Bug fixed: błądMetadaneWAV file.

Right: By clicking on links in e-mail messages about sex (and “OK” prompt) does not start the default e-mail that had to be done (Nothing has been done).

Fixed problem with long file names that cause a rapid initial message “0x3002” and prevent open or save dialog box in XP (and probably older operating systems).

Fixed: Potential positive palsudalam code, which definesBCD RAW TOC returned from a CD.

Fixed: when reading from disk “Advanced Format” 4K sector (physical and logical), this program may receive an error message (? Parameter is invalid) At the end of the operation to write / verify. By clicking the “Reset” will membolehkansiap successful.

Fix: Reading / Test Mode chart data is exported to the CLI name faylavyznachaetstsa.

That’s right: the last digit of MCN CD.

Fix: potential crash when displaying “overburn” Dialogue with the build mode.

Fix: potensiKesilapanthe selection of the “file copy Optimize.”

ImgBurn supports the following formats

BIN, NRG, ISO, CDI, CDR, DVD, gas and condensate field, GI, IMG, LST, MDSPDI, the UDI

ImgBurn 2.5

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