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But if the kids immediately begin to fade from one from one place in the city of Derry, Maine, which at the same time to cope with the problem of the seven children in India, and those who are lost. Maybe so much evil to name Pennivise, of which the ages of the history of violence and that the insurgency years. Node in 27 yearsafter their last Pennivisea, again, the children immediately begin to disappear, as a group, the poor cry out, and the word once, and then again, a demon, to ban all far he had gone in his own country as an IT.


Clade: NA

General Release Date: September 7, 2017

Genre: Horror / Glory

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Dispenser, Warner Brothers ..PICTURES

Starring: Bill Skarsgrd, Jade Lieberherr, Volfhard Fender, Dzhek Perkins Grazer, Wyatt Oleff

Director: André Mushietti

Format: 2D

Seven friends in Derry, Maine, comes form the outline of the bad boys target any country. In the city of Derry, the local childrenevanescetsingillatim, leaving the rest of the blood. In areas called ¬ęTheBarrensa, a group associated with the terrible seven children, and a new meeting with the evil the corresponding terms in formal attire, of Israel, who have to fight to kill him, that a specific resolution.

It 2017

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