Microsoft OneDrive 17 Download

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Microsoft OneDrive 17

Microsoft OneDrive 17 Download

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Microsoft OneDrive is a desktop client for online storage applications Microsoft, with the same name. It’s a slim device that offers up to 25 GB of free space “in the cloud.”

In other words, Microsoft OneDrive works like Dropbox. It’s like online hard disk that you sync files stored on your computer so you can open it wherever you are. To be flexible, MicrosoftOneDrive app offers Mac, IOS and Android is complementary. To access files when you are away from your computer, you can only accessTo their OneDrive Windows Live accounts, part of life windows.

Microsoft OneDrive very easy to use. Once installed on a computer, it will create a folder called Microsoft OneDrive on your system. This guide is part, so you can access all odnukopii sit elements you want here. It comes with some examples of the documents, so you can get into a battle with a simple system, but it’s actually very, very simple. Once you’ve placed dalamfolder documents, willBeing accessible from any computer, you sign in with your OneDrive account.

Microsoft OneDrive offers a wide amount of online storage and good integration sWindows Live. These factors combine to make it an instrument that is strong enough. Nothing really any option “Configuration” to talk about, but if you want to access your computer from your Microsoft OneDrive account (from another computer), you will receive a special code. However, once you get the code, there is a lot of mudahoperasiEasy to do.

Remember that by default, Microsoft OneDrive offers 7GBhraneniya. If you already have OneDrive, you are entitled to 25GB for free, you can leave your Microsoft Live account for OneDrive. It’s very fast and just take one click.

In version 17, Microsoft has said selective synchronization so you can choose which files you want to do not sync all your OneDrive directory. This leads to competitors like SkyDrive upkelajuanDropbox and Box.

In general, Microsoft OneDrive uses very well.It’s clean, fast and easy to use and offers 25GB of free online storage.

Microsoft OneDrive 17

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