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Mon Mon Mon Monsters 2017

Mon Mon Mon Monsters 2017 download torrent

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Mo Mo Mo Monster Straight – student high school Lin Shu-wei selected continuously and by Ren Hao abuse and beetles, Guo Wei Feng and Zhu. One day, a trio of bad guys to steal money making Lin class. Lynn is able to prove his innocence; But her teacher Ms. Li sagtLynn passive regret for their actions anyway familiar with the Civil Service Ren Hao and others. Their public service includes serving food for the elderly, but Ren Hao and ffrindiauweld raise hell this as vazmozhnostVmestoand request LynnReiten. A new crew of miscreants abused to try and go as far as to deprive war veteran. But instead of gold, which stumbled group of young people held in a group of monsters expected. Monster given opportunities, but one of them was angefahrenim process by car. Boys bring them into the secret club where things come quickly to violence and torture – for the monster.

Language: Cantonese

Classification: NA

ObshtData Released: August 17, 2017

genre:Horror / Thriller

Time: Not available


Starring: DunnYuki, Kent Tsai, Liu Pei Lin Hsin Eugenia

Directed Dzhidans Co.

Type: 2D

Mon Mon Mon Monsters 2017

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