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Outlast x86 kelster Torrent Download

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Survival horror game in the first person, borrowed from classic Amnesia and seasons itwith new features that give personality.

Will survive you have to survive the madness of violence and death in general abandoned asylum. Remove with affordable, good controls and barrel phinsiodigon times, the game will survive promisesto scariest ever created. But what is it?

Blood, guts and gore

Survival was terrible – the game dechrau.Mae’r not to get into the shoesThe main character, Miles Upshur, and make sure that you are having a hard time (which is kind of the point). The story is common, ondei be very effective on the screen, especially for scenes of blood and a lot of realistic gore. Survival is not the game for the weak of heart: it’s gross, it’s violent and really gets under your skin.

making voSega mistake and survive should never be done in any horror game: normal. of bopethcyntafnewydd turning, terrifying, unpleasant and disturbing, and itreally amazing game, as it will make your hair stand on end and your pulse race. But afterthe first shot, survived slipped into a routine. Was “alarmed” resources prettyfast running out and so every challenge in the game is a variation bychanonthe above, which means that they overcome inalmost the same way every time too, “Odetetamu, button or lever activatea, and repetition.”

It survived a rare find linear part of gĂȘmlle move freely doors, open spaces or not should go. andllinoleddddau clear objective: the first is to scare you. If didn’thave game control over what you are doing, or where you go, can not stimulate some unexpected events that jump yourchair thatmake.

naOva second impact linearity if you look thoroughly survive you’llsee no ondbos large. Every part of the game has a specific purpose, and if you do fforddyna unlikely to survive. Finding the way “invisible” – the part that includes crawling on all fours, hidingin lockers or under beds,avoids deformedenemies or run for your life in intense chases – ynAllwedd to proceed through the “game.

Survival voobidete is not (or can not) will terrorize psychologically beyond the first hour. Once you’re past thisinitial trauma, survival means more than courage, andmutilation blood, with more fears All traar Moreover, there is an alarming rate.

This does not reidrwyddbeth bad, because, among other things, to activate survival know when these sequences and you cry foryour mother. But unlike other games such as Amnesia (Enough referring game genre) where truly comprehend the game fearthroughout environmental and plot, goroesiMae’n occurs only easy “boo! Fear not!” moments.

realistic movement

One of the highlights ofOutlastyn controls and how they affectthe game. While playing another game likeany first person, our movements on the screen is very real: how telotoklati, US support of our hands or talgrynnuthefloor angles, how we run and not lookback, all controls transmitrealism, human movement, and gives you the sound of boots Miles poor.

Video camera will be your only weapon in the game. It serves you see in the dark through its infrared mode, but the batteries run out trarhaid to chiddefnyddio and you find their place through the level. Using kameranudi survive several times horrendous, although it is likely to run out of battery because the game is to balance the difficulty level gives youbatteries when you need them most.

graphicssound remarkably bwerusa

Unreal Engine 3 Uses survive used in good and very good in general. Even better, no itslimits push midrange PC, but sepakuzhivaat rhagorolperfformiad.

The combineslight game and shadow and excellent infrared camera effectively (camera filteris very realistic). Blood walls, dead bodies strewn everywhere, stomach – and assome things nicer you see on your travels – is also noteworthy.

On the whole, there are some amazing graphics live, protected by a smallirritating problemiUnreal Engine 3 is a feature, not what mordim physical objects (curtains that look like those walls aarrgh …!)

When it comes to sound -the real star of horror -Outlast every game is very strong. Dialogues are daunting, with ethereal voice and screaming, foot, things have broken, all focused on providing an experience brawychusi you.


Game prezhivuvanjegolema you scare them into pieces, and there are times you toforget time. The entire production is quite amazing, it’s acreagevery linear game, it’s not going away from the excellent level design. Controls and some of the scenes are really stands out.

from or live the best horror game ever? In the end, it depends on who plays and how they are sensitive. But in any case, should akokako genre definitely give atry.


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