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PDF XChange Viewer 2

PDF XChange Viewer 2 x64 Cakes torrent

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PDF-XChange Viewer is a free PDF / reader editor that allows you to view and edit PDF-files, all in an attractive and intuitive interface.

If there is anything we have learned here Softonic, is that a good PDF Creator trudnonaydeno. They are either ugly, slow, lack offunction or, more often, all three. Will PDF-XChange Viewer be any different?

E! Viewing PDF documents with PDF-XChange Viewer is a fast and smooth – you can skip to the end and back pages, view dokumentovrazlichnye layouts, and search and findpages and keywords easily. InstrumentsPDF-XChange Viewer is fully customizable, and a large number of options.

option to edit the PDF-XChange Viewer is also impressive. hotyaBesplatnaya version will allow you to create documents from scratch, it will let you edit extensively, with a few exceptions, mainly the ability toadd or delete pages. Commenting, saying, print, attach files and creating natekst box vselegko make and can be modified and deleted by pressing the button.

There are also tips so you know whatyou are doing before you click. This feature is very welcome,to help with PDF-XChange Viewer is not very good. Additional funktsiivklyuchayut a cool image tool, document preview when opening a PDF file and a huge range of interface language options.

PDF-XChange Viewer is a great PDF editor is the streetahead of its many rivals.


fiksirovannyysboy when opening XFA-files

Corrected behavior when the document is opened from the local network (or a removable storage device) when the connection is interrupted

Fixeda problem with the command line parameter/ importp

eksklyuzivnyyRezhim commenting behavior fixed right-click

PDF print engine problem solved rectangles with zero width and height

Two new events “” and “”

Fixed grammar in the continuation of posts at vozvratepodveshennoy

To solve thisproblem with Unicode object Email

PDF XChange Viewer 2

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