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Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 20

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 20 Torrent Download

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Pinnacle Studio Ultimate (x86 + x64) incl. Crack + Keygen

Edit your way with energy, creativity and control software for video editing Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate. Obtaining the results you want professional quality with precision editing on unlimited tracks in 4K, HD and 3D tools and sophisticated audio. New Motion Tracking allows you to add text motion graphics or mosaic delete people or objects. Concrete your creative vision with animation baruHentikanMovement, new controls to edit video editor 6 360 corner with multiple cameras. In addition, you will receive 2000 effects, titles and transitions and effects that High Quality recently NewBlue. Finish your project? DVD create polished with more than 100 menu models.


– New! Motion Blur tracking with mosaic

– New! Stop Motion animation

– New! Video Editing 360

– New! NewBlue Premium effects

– better! Multi-camera edition

-2000 effects, transition models

-Unlimited edition of video, HD, 3D and 4K

Advanced video editing

EditCon accuracy based control key, unlimited tracks in 4K, HD and 3D and easily customize your workspace.

Creative control

Adding the impact effect of 2000 + 2D and 3D. Create stunning animated animation with Stop Motion, per person overlapping in a different use of the Green Screen effects background.

Live screenshot

Easily create video tutorial demo on how to capture itLive screen Screenshot, sound system and a sound, and then import it online time Edit and soft.

Loaded with energy

Goes full circle with the new 360 combines video editing up to 6 cameras in the camera and multi-track editor, tag or move objects with the new motion detection. Creative possibilities are unlimited and control is at your fingertips.

Professional caliber tools

Mendapatkankeputusan wants powerful and advanced professional editing toolsOf audio Make sure they are in the foreground and the bottom are always balanced with Lowers audio.

NewBlue Premium effects

Take your videos to the next level with more than 900 predefined and more than 75 supplements exclusively at the Pinnacle Studio 20 final. Now with NewBlue Video Essentials 3.

News at Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 20:

Motion Blur tracking with mosaic

Effects of the mudahtelefon screen and connect them to elements such as text and graphics. Add a mosaic project to hideFace, license plate, logo or more. Support for tracking the multi-point movement allows multiple clues of objects with a more appropriate view or moving away from your lens.

Bonus NewBlue Effects now with Essentials 3 video

Reinforce the creative power of your video editor with more than 900 and more than 75 add-ons that have been established as the NewBlue industry leader. Initermasuk package of additional tools for image stabilization, creative effects, translations and more interesting. (Details)

EditingVideo with multiple cameras

Working with the image of six cameras to make videos more dynamic. An editor that allows multiple cameras to show the image, change the angle, cut and delete and add transitions. How to synchronize automatically synchronize audio clips or using bookmarks, date / time, or manual synchronization. HasilBelbagai even use the camera to create the image print in Picture.

Video editing360

Let the video take a surprising guinea pig with new control and supportTo edit video in 360. edit and add captions to your videos. You can also define a path through your video and convert the video to the standard 360 format.

New supported formats

As in the new format with support for HEVC () import / export * In the 6th generation Intel or NVIDIA in particular, it offers a higher compression rate, better quality and file size below.

Support for 4K HD XAVCS

Xavc trabajo S, a new standard for MP4 camcorders – and support for resolutionsBase up to 4K 3840 2160 Ultimate also supports DVCPRO HD, MXF and VFR files.

(Trek without limitation) edit program

Adjust additional place music / output source, and send your clipped clip to the timeline. Legend unlimited allows you to create a sophisticated imejkesan image And several layers of editing with HD frame precision and comoprofessional key frames. Or try to edit the Storyboard display to develop your stories.

Update with 2,000 effects, transitions and models

HeAdds emotion and polished with titles over 2,000 2D / 3D effects and animated transitions. The models include Video theme montage that provides predetermined themes, sports, parties, science fiction, comic book and much more for professional keputusantahap quickly with just a few clicks. Customize your look right.


Experiencianovo and easier to burn on DVD and AVCHD discs. Get an elegant 100 themed templates to add menus, sub-menus and chapters forYour video Changing your video project on multimedia quality music disc and menus with rich images.


Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 20

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