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Editing Summary:

script system

This new system allows the script to choose randomization and set certain conditions for the game. The definition of the initial conditions, type in your community (tribal colonies), the card started objects, animals, health, and attributes, and change the default policy.

Built in several scenarios, including one corresponding to the classic experience RimWorld, entered.

You can randomyzyrovat new script.

vyStsenariy denganantara can set a custom interface that allowsYou make every skenarioAnda want.

The script can be downloaded or withdrawn from a series of seminars with one click.

ScenPart: Fixed versions of all state maps (eclipses, solar flares etc.).

ScenPart: Planetkiller world scenario destroyed in X.

ScenPart: climate cycle that makes the world warmer and dingintahun ago. Winter is coming.

ScenPart: Disable build several types of buildings.

ScenPart: pawns in healthcare.

ScenPart: Start with the goods.

ScenPart:Map littered with things.

ScenPart: Methods arrival Configuration (fruit stand)

ScenPart: Running pledge aged between X and Y

ScenPart: pawn meledakpada time of death (type configured and fingers)

ScenPart: All sources pawns (the beginning of the game / whatever) have properties X

ScenPart: Since the animal (s)

ScenPart: Do not allow mining

ScenPart: Do not let the hunt

ScenPart: Banning hand

ScenPart: Banning grow

ScenPart: Mute event

ScenPart: Multiplier untuksetiap Stat padapermainan(Level step, speed, mining, etc.)

ScenPart: Avoid building

floor pawn

Pion can cover in a battle in close combat (unless they are very small). deathstacks No more animals! It also creates a tactic barusekitar block, around it, or the arrow back online. We have to write a bunch of code oscillatorunit AI to create the function.

artificial intelligence

Raiders can now steal mode if they see enough value. They will seize the goods andbring it.

robber penculikansekarang work together for a better untukmenculik. Of all the people to flee immediately stolen while others include them.

AI algorithms provide better now to make clothes to withstand cold temperatures. If there is no way to make clothes resilient, budeprybuty not run at sekali.Tidak no more attacks and phone Keeling arrived at 60oS weather.

Predators do not hunt and boomalopes boomrats.

appointments would be wise to avoidtraps in different situations.

new product

Full support for arena partner seminar.

Now you can play in beberapasenario quarter.

Added torch light

lebihpemikan to preserve food low-tech.

Modern research problems related to the technological level of your clan. sanitarivriven study harder. So if you are one quarter, research spaceflight will be difficult.

Research Plus (needs to kecepatansaja): folding laundry, electricity

plus study (notrequired for parts of the course): pemmican

Research Plus: AC, autodoors, gun towers

Added a “ransom” phenomenon. Can shoot after one of these andadiculik.

X plus social thought kills me that people do not lyublyatvbyvtsyaorang they love “

Added a new class of small mental relaxation that can occur in the mood to below 40%.

Added a little mental break: party food.

soil fertility is reporting on mouseover.

pump water is added, slowlyplay area basahdi dry areas. You need power.

Hives are now jumping into the light – the light source that shines the error within 20 days (as long as they are installed) and can be reinstalled or sold.

Added attributes: podyhmotoroshnym annoying sound. This social repellent.

Posted By: pyromaniac. Firestarting will go shopping when depressed, never to extinguish the fire.

In addition to the panther forest biome. Since I discovered the beetle’s wrong and I had to deal withit anyway.

Now there is light orange to help you identify areas that are very hot.

/ Animals Added replaced good creator Kay Fedewa # 93 ;:







red fox





Megatherium (Sloth prasejarahgergasi ground)





Arctic wolf

Timber wolf


Plus a number of icons on the screen ataspenghuni with various status information. They can click to select,click twice to jump to a selected window or multiple choice. This icon can be disabled.

shopping interface you can now make calls to the number you want to trade with peretyahuvannyamnomer.

hewansekarang own gender and life stage information column

Animal tab now has a checkbox penyembelihanruang easily justify killing many animals

Animal tab now has a checkbox for each column to be trained to provide easy to learn lots of animals

diadaptasimenuright-click to be more beautiful, more readable, more reliable and better handle the huge list of options.

operating decisions

Merchants, visitors, burglars, thieves, and other animals will now be executed if surrounded by a wall, not a solution.

Manhunters and seranggamenyerang door when invaders tried to jump in and out of them when he was shot in the back.

Hiveskini be usually insects, so if the insects were directly killed by the tower wall, itchingdie.

You will no longer be able to avoid the effects of mood “executed prisoners”, sebuahMenembak or holoduvatyukladenyy; Pawn get detainees died as innocent mind. The same decision applies to the death of the invaders.

Powerleveling completing various operations. After the invaders found a number of (above) a day, they will learn in the next tersebuthari decline.

Flowers no longer animals that eat baikmemberi (reduced diet).

Fixed exploit where players willgiving captured by pirates to hijack someone to go without a fight pirates. The solution: Raiders just steal invaders.


Update for Unity 5.

generasidunia now become part of the new game, and not separately.

Roofs must be built by hand and crushed the invaders; they appear and disappear once more.

artificial intelligence algorithms processed food options to take into account the impact of personal mood, dust, danfaktor new factor lainnya.Sekaranglyudozherlyudozher real find food, they get a mood bonus, while not hurting cannibals.

Used to open the world and saved games from older versions have been fixed; Dialog warn version before you open it, not after.

Deworkedmenu mods to choose and order Config interface is much better.

People are now able to eat meat unbutchered (although they do not really like).

Attacks and easier to grow less rapidly.

seranganhanyanyzhchehlybshe land there now.

Now go to the second grenade was thrown faction of their own.

tortoise-kuratidak so dangerous.

Animals do not make incest.

People make incest.

Seeds for gene derived from real words instead of random lines.

Now you can set the minimum and maximum experience on the bill.

The natural beauty now has four stages: amazingjelek, ugly, beautiful, beautiful.

deyakiperedistoriyi pawns are now forced to have certain properties (Model-Beautiful)

caravanperdaganganboleh package dromedary.

Bullets were no more hunting invaders do not focus on casual interception.

Some traders buy and menjualfurniture now.

worms and parasites disappeared early muscle.

Processed ancient tomb loot generation. PLASTAL sometimes found in the pod. Similarly components.

Now puzzling is that social interaction seen.

faktoryzatsyysche several times to make modding easy and the code easier to maintain and more flexible.Many other functions are now implemented as of ThingComps related.

many, many, many other changes in mind games and interface improvements and bug fixes.

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