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Space Rogue unpacked

Space Rogue unpacked 32 Bit pc free download torrent

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He assumes the role of a captain on a space ship. Lead your crew through the galaxy where the ultimate goal is for you. Fight for peace or plagiarism in exploring new worlds, improving your ship, recruiting crew members, and taking part in intense battleships and ships.

Space Rogue combines strategy, tactics and adventure into a game that gives you absolute freedom to explore the galaxy and choosing your own goals. In the Sandbox mode, they are even able to correct the different parameters of the game (the enemy’s enemy,speed up random event, weapon power, etc.).

Keep reefs ready! FEATURES Each random event has a number of different FEATURES: Each game is different from the last, from the whole world, every time you start a new game

6 races with clear features and martial tactics

Extremely exciting space battles

More than 200 random events and questions (and it’s just the beginning!)

Ability to make planets for minerals. Exploring Mudation!

Sandbox mode, where you can modify the algorithmproduction and basic parameters of the game.

Stunning graphics, inspired by the golden age of science fiction

“Retro” atmospheric soundtrack

Space Rogue unpacked

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