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Spintires is a game in which you can drive off-road vehicles. These heavy and heavy trucks are difficult to move and are designed to carry large items through untreated mud areas. This is a very fun game if you have enough patience to control this giant.

The truck consumes 30 liters of fuel per minute

Spintire’s goal is to cheat easily: move the wooden load from one point to another. Where is the challenge? Now,the path-filled mud, rivers, plants and “roads” covered with earth. Throw a big, heavy, and volunteer truck, and you’ll get something that will keep you patient in this exam.

This truck, however, requires strict control of the actual truck Spintires is one of the best simulators I’ve blown for some time, which you need to drive carefully to avoid traffic jams using four-wheel drive and differentiation keys correctly.Over time, you will learn to use cable crane when you need it, and you can attach a cable to a tree to help you out of a bad ditch with which you may have gotten stuck.

If the situation becomes too difficult, you can change the vehicle at any time and keep the prisoners in the mud (you often have to). They can finally capture both trucks and be forced to use a third truck to pull it out. That makesFun, especially if it takes half an hour for the second truck to arrive.

You must also control damage to the vehicle and the amount of gas you use. Some of these giants consume up to 30 liters of fuel per minute! When you go out, you know what to do: of course call a tank truck.

Spintires has five different areas to play to the same difficulty, but very different. Even if you have a card that you can bargain for, it is notespecially useful to look at these if the game hides part of the area so you know your target. Important to research and see what is here.

They also have different truck types that you can customize as you collect experience points with extras like trailers, cranes, larger loads, and fuel tanks.

Trucking company

Like a truck in a game, its control is hard and difficult. It takes some time to get used to the keyboard and mouse.That, it’s possible to accelerate, change direction and use cranes, all at the same time.

The hardest part is used for strange cameras (which you can use with the mouse).

Very realistic

One of the areas where Spintires surprises everyone is its graphics. You have a very realistic truck that moves, wobbles, and drives in a credible way, sometimes forgetting that you’re playing video games. Effects like the movement of smokeand mud (heavy and sticky).

Physics is completely realistic and should be considered at all times. For example, heavy loads can drown lorries in mud if you stop too long. When you encounter trees and branches, they behave the way they do in real life. Overall, Spintires is a very realistic game.

Get ready for a long time

Spintires is not the original, but it’s also well done on a technical level. The game is pretty rough,because the menus, interfaces and controls come in, as well as the trucks you serve. However, Spintires as a whole is a lot of fun, but you need patience and nerves.


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