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Welcome to Spore. He created the universe and your own life, living it to manage cultural, ethnic patterns, create citizen themselves and overcome the other, and finally, the explosion in the galaxy to discover new worlds.

voliRayt is another E- known in the history of video games. SimCity,SimEarth, Simlife Sims and only in his famous creation. His game has sold millions of copies, and each new game, Wright seems to be on his own.

At this time, Wright Excellent creative vision is the main purpose of Spore. Games in development for several years and is one of the most ambitiousprojects in the short but intense history of video games.

uklyuchanySprechka can be described as a life simulator, beginning with the life of a single cell in the oceans, the natural evolution of species, storms, and the conquest of the galaxy.

Controversy game kayaMapanlikhaKali please, and you can only do itjustice by giving it a go!


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