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Stronghold Crusader II

Stronghold Crusader II 32/64 Bit torrent

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Stronghold Crusader II of excellent strategy game Stronghold Crusader in 2002 is a very attractive element of tactical mechanics that is similar to Age of Empires, that person must develop his own castle adds a sequel. Put yourself in the war in the first line, kudeatuEkonomia and finish off his opponents shots from a slingshot!

multipleStrategies and game play

Stronghold Crusader II returns to the basics of its predecessor, a combination of strategies and tactics that win eskaintzenMontoia.roznyya game modes (company, Gunfight, multi-user) with the assignment or you protect your king, trying to beat the enemy at all timessovereign borrowing missions. Arrangement of various players all the little things that keep you entertained, all online via a certain mode of cooperation, which allows you to join one, controlling the army.

VoennitePrirodata fortress is very well done, thanks to the complex offerscombat units dituerabilgarriShmat real-time strategy games, which give depth (where the shooters, in which the peaks of the horse at the same time deal with a) the traditional system. Delakolursailak wondering how tactical options. Do you have a lot of freedom to build and expand their lands, and aesthetically inclined vChestta Castleputting all the details may be lost.

This interface can be improved in many ways,

bigarrenStronghold stands out for its playability and the content of the Crusader, but unfortunately, it is not the interface. From the very beginning of the player leaving the poor, small menu stark contrast with the blinding couldtitle graphics. That the menu appears, download games txarrerakointerfaze imaei control quickly and on the fly, without the integration mechanisms that form the basis of modern strategy games.

Orders can give you is limited to the device does not include diraeta bubble text that explains how to useparameters. It is not possible in accordance zakazavni easy to choose one. This is a terrible game, which debuted in 2014, after four years in terms of Starcraft II standards set bizitzekointerfazearen.

The technical aspects “crusaders fortress” in the second part of the evaluationdo. The graphics engine is a little less impressive, but in terms of the details of the match due attention attracts the eye beharreko.gailuak really well-made animations and screen life and sensual realism in gulnyuZapovnenyya with a few points. resources are gone and storage in real timetime and skladoveteBitkite impressive. The only thing missing animation daeraikin special pleasure building games «Stronghold Crusader II» comes to weaken.

Last medieval real-time strategy in

Stronghold in the previous games, if you do not like the mess: youPasarte in this new, not caring.And the best and a lot of content to play for a long time and well-planned campaign igrachiKatoVy will enjoy superior performance. This does not mean that the game has is not perfect, painful interface batezhorrek, even what you would expect from a modern strategygames in real time, to provide a quarter. One complaint may scare some, but it is not so difficult to enjoy, while you work to build your castle comes from the constant attacks by enemy suntsitzekogotortu.

Stronghold Crusader II

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