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Stronghold Crusader II

Stronghold Crusader II x86-x64 torrent

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Stronghold Crusader II is a continuation of the beautiful game strategy of 2002 Crusader Citadel adding a wow factor of tactical mechanics, similar to Age of Empires, which developed its own castle. Stand on the front line of the war, to manage the economy, and oppose opponents shots of a catapult!

Play with different strategies and game

Stronghold Crusader II returning to the foundations of his predecessor, offering an excellent combination of strategy and tactics that he canSeduce beginners. Game modes gwahanolgemau (company, shoot, multiuser), you agree with the mission, which was designed for you or to protect your king, time trying to defeat your enemy is sovereign. Multiplayer mode in all the little things to keep you entertained, especially by the dallinell mode of Cooperation, which allows you to join to control a single army.

Vaennyyapryroda fortress Crusader doing very well: it offers a complex battle, thanks to the numerous units availableWhich provide depth The system mode draddodiadolAmser real strategy game (where shooters confronted soldiers, who, while confronted with cavalry). Tactical aspect of the same exciting features of the existing building. You have a lot of freedom to build and expand your lands, and tend to give the Gallicolli aesthetic all the details about the King vgonar block.

Interface that can be improved in several ways

The second batch of Stronghold Crusader stands out for its gameplayAnd content, but, unfortunately, not your interface is doing. O’rYn first, he would leave his blind menu players poorly spent, which contrasts beautifully rendered graphic names. To make matters worse, the menu is that the control interface of the game using the mouse seems to be created quickly and in real time, without integrating the mechanisms that form the basis of modern strategy games.

Commands you can give your units are limited and do not include any bubbles ofText, which explains how to use the available options. It is not issuing bosibli orders in the series, and it is not easy to choose one. It’s terrible for the game, which premiered in 2014, four years after Starcraft II sets standards for the relatively modern pavinnazhyts game strategy interface.

In its second party Stronghold Crusader aspects technegolyr makes the class. While the graphics engine is a little less than impressive, the game to please the eyes due diligence in relation to the details.The units are very well made animation, full screen and small elements that give meaning to life and realism to the resources gêm.Mae’r appear and disappear in real time, with pantry, impressive ibitvy to watch. The only lack of animation for the construction of buildings, details that do not hurt the pleasure that comes with the game Stronghold Crusader II construction.

Realtime recent ganoloesolstrategaeth

If you like the previous citadel, log in: you can go to the new chapter without worrying.The content and gameplay are too hands-free, and you can enjoy gwychmodd multiplayer and taksamayak long-drawn campaign. This does not mean that the game is inconvenient, especially its morbid interface that does not even offer a quarter of what to expect for a modern strategy game in real time. The sad fact that may scare some, but Mae’nNid is so serious to break the fun that comes with the construction of his own castle during the launching of constant attacks against the enemy.

Stronghold Crusader II

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