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The Mummy 2017

The Mummy 2017 web-dl download full movie torrent

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Tom Cruise gives an impressive new film view of legend that has fascinated cultures around the world since the day of civilization: ‘The Mummy.’ The view is safely buried in the grave deep below the grim desert, the old princess (Sophia Butella with Kingsman: The SecretService and StarTrek Beyond), whose fate was unconditional from its awakening in our present day, causing her malice to grow for millennia And horrors that the human conceptto deny. With the search for the Middle East through hidden labyrinths In modern London, the ‘Mummy’ brings a great intensity and balance of miracles and tension into the new bizarre perception that awakens into a new world of gods and monsters.

MimicThere is an urban legend in South Korea about a mysterious creature in the mountain that can imitate. Mental voices are a creature known as Jangsan Tiger. The creature uses its human voice to attract peopleTo lure his lord. An unfortunate Korean family becomes a victim of coli-ion who suffers from depression after her child’s disappearance, and her husband is worried. Then it falls on Jungsan-Tiger’s spells, as he imitates his lost child’s voice.

Language: Korean

Classification: NA

The general release date is September 21, 2017.

Genre: Horror / thriller

Runtime: not available

Distributor: GSC Movies

Actors: Yum Jung-Ah, Park Hewk-Kwon, ShinAh-Rin

Directed by: HughYoung

Format: 2D

The Mummy 2017

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